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Ceramic coating is inexpensive, reliable and can be done with only a minimal disruption to your busy schedule. Hi Octane Performance Coatings offers the latest in thermal barrier ceramic and dry film coating technology for mining and heavy transport applications.

By using our specialised coatings you can dramatically drop surface temperatures on exhausts, reduce friction and wear on moving parts and protect parts from corrosion.

The surface temperature will be reduced by, depending on the application between 40% and 60%. This will greatly increase safety and reduce the fire risk. The surrounding components will also have their lifespan greatly extended as the radiant heat will also be greatly diminished. This is especially the case with electrical components such as starter motors and alternators.

The corrosion protection offered is second to none and will extend the component life by as much as 50 times. This is akin to manufacturing the component from a high grade corrosion resistant stainless steel for a fraction of the cost. This is particularly of use in vehicles working underground where the extremely corrosive nature of conditions can cause premature failure exhaust failure often within weeks of service. The ceramic coating process will also eliminate thermal fatigue. This is possible because the ceramic material bonds with the composite (instead of merely sticking on the surface with paint), therefore forming a tough coating that doesn’t chip or flake easily.

The coated parts will also outlast the standard parts with wear reduced by creating a hard smooth and strong coat to protect the coated parts and increase reliability. This all adds up to a longer part life, saving money.